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Imagine you find the house of your dreams. It's perfect for you. You make an offer, it's accepted and you have two months until you move. Great! But what about the home you currently own? One recent homebuyer found herself in this exact position, and contacted a local realtor who worked with her to get her home in tip-top condition. In less than 10 days she sold her existing home. Here are the tips, suggested by her realtor, that sped up the sale of her home.

Clean, clean and then clean again
Prospective buyers will look closely at your home. Making your home spotless is one of the most inexpensive ways to prepare your house for sale. This homeowner put on her gloves and dusted, polished and scrubbed. All walls were washed and any scrapes and dings were touched up.

Put away the clutter
Nobody likes to walk into a home that is filled with clutter. Even a small mess can make it difficult for a potential buyer to see what your home really looks like. The realtor suggested all old books, magazines, unwanted knick-knacks and other unused items were either given to charity or thrown away. Once the clutter was gone, the rooms in the home were more spacious and open. Out with the old and in with the new Our seller replaced the old, worn carpet with a new contemporary carpet in a neutral colour. This homeowner feels the improvements were money well spent when it came time to negotiate the sale.

Pay attention to your garden
A well-maintained garden can be a strong selling feature. This homeowner added brightly coloured flowers to the garden. Pots of impatiens were purchased and more plants were added to the grounds. A local garden expert informed her what flowers worked best in her north-facing garden.

Consider the positive effects of Feung Shui
A local Feung Shui expert was called in to help the seller create a feeling of positive energy in her home. Dried flowers were removed and furniture was re-arranged to generate a more harmonious atmosphere for potential homebuyers.

Pull out all the stops for the open house
Cookies were baking, soft music playing and fresh flowers filled the home when it was time to show it to the public. Iced-tea was provided and unique napkins were placed on the table, giving prospective buyers something to remember. Most importantly this homeowner listened to the advice given by her realtor, which she accredits for the quick and smooth sale of her home. She listened to the competitive price the realtor suggested and followed these tips to improve the appearance of her home. The realtor also put the home on the Multiple Listing Service, allowing potential buyers to find their home. The result: a quick and stress free experience. Consult your realtor to see what types of improvements will benefit your home the most.

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